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Yet, very limited research has been done on this tribunal. Based on findings from a desk research and semi-structured interviews of key informants conducted in Kenya, this article analyzes the composition, mandate, procedures, practice, and cases of the tribunal with the aim to appreciate its contribution to the advancement of human rights in the context of HIV. It concludes that, after a sluggish start, the HIV and AIDS Tribunal of Kenya is now keeping its promise to advance the human rights of people living with and affected by HIV in Kenya, notably through addressing barriers to access to justice, swift ruling, and purposeful application of the law. The article, however, highlights various challenges still affecting the tribunal and its effectiveness, and cautions about the replication of this model in other jurisdictions without a full appraisal. Kenya has the fourth-largest HIV epidemic globally. Unlike the 26 other sub-Saharan African countries that have adopted HIV-specific legislation, Kenya, through the creation of the tribunal, sought to address the often forgotten yet critical issue of enforcement of its HIV legislation.

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The United Kingdom established its influence in Kenya in the 19th century. In , the European powers gathered at the Berlin Conference and partitioned East Africa into spheres of influence. In , Kenya became a British protectorate, and the highlands were opened to white settlers. When Kenya formally became a British colony in , organized African political activity developed, but its direct political participation was prohibited until The first Legislative Council elections with the participation of Africans was organized in

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Maps of the World. The Kenya Archive collections include archival material, many once confidential, of the colonial and post-colonial government of Kenya up to the early ‘s. Foreword, v. Documents within the collection also include a large number of microfilm reels of newspapers, journals, and papers of assorted associations. Syracuse University is one of two repositories of the complete microfilm collection of the Kenya National Archives of materials up to the time of independence from colonial rule in Kenya.

The collection was produced in the ‘s through a joint grant with the National Science Foundation, the government of Kenya, and the Program of Eastern African Studies of Syracuse University, no longer in existence. The documents were collected and microfilmed by Syracuse University faculty and graduate students as well as the Chief Archivist of Kenya in the mid-sixties, and sent to the Syracuse University Library in and A more complete description and history of the collection can be found in the Syracuse University Libraries’ Associates Courier , Vol.

XIX, Number 2, Fall , pp. Syracuse University Libraries. Kenya National Archives: History The Kenya National Archives is a collection of documents of the Kenyan government during the colonial period to independence.

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The Heshima project is investigating the causes of disrespectful and abusive care during childbirth in Kenyan health facilities and developing interventions to reduce this problem. By engaging stakeholders at all three levels, the Council and its partners designed and implemented effective, acceptable, and sustainable interventions that can be scaled up and adapted to other settings. At the facility level, researchers adapted a values clarification and attitude transformation training—originally developed by Ipas—to conduct trainings and counseling sessions with health facility nurses to help them cope with the stress of working in under-resourced facilities.

The Heshima project has received notable attention, including significant press coverage, both within and outside of Kenya. The research team has held meetings to validate its findings and design potential interventions, and has presented preliminary results at a number of international forums. The Council-developed training manual for values clarification and attitude transformation has had a significant impact at the facility level, and preliminary findings from the study have resulted in revisions to nursing guidelines and to the latest maternal and newborn health guidelines from the Kenyan Ministry of Health.

The WHO statement calls for every woman to have the right to the highest attainable standard of health, including the right to dignified, respectful care during pregnancy and childbirth. The WHO statement illustrates a commitment to promoting the rights of women and to promoting access to safe, timely, respectful care during childbirth. Photo Credit: Flynn Warren. Principal Investigator.

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In , it was amended, and Kenya became a republic with a constitution in he set the date of 30 June as a deadline for the Constitution to be adopted. (ii) Persons whose functional responsibilities are of a confidential nature as.

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The Kenya National Archives is a collection of documents of the The Kenya Archive collections include archival material, many once confidential, of the colonial and post-colonial government of Publication Date:

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Kenya: Information on the July 1990 riots

Sodomy is a felony per Section of the Kenyan Penal Code, punishable by 14 years’ imprisonment, and any sexual practices between males termed ” gross indecency ” are a felony under section of the same statute, punishable by 5 years’ imprisonment. Lesbians, bisexual women and transgender persons, are not even recognised in the Kenyan Constitution, and are discriminated against, covertly, as well as undergo corrective rape practices by heterosexual men.

On 24 May , the High Court of Kenya refused an order to declare sections and unconstitutional. There are no explicit protections against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

In being true to the values of integrity and care—if you report a concern, it will be handled with appropriate confidentiality and discussed with others only as.

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